Our Services


1. Sale of computer servers, storage server, exchange server, mail server, computer clients, all computer accessories & peripherals.
2. Sale of all laptops and all laptop accessories & peripherals.
3. Sale of all Network management IT & Cabling Infrastructure, Routers, Switch, Wall-Mounted Racks and Wireless Networking accessories.
4. Sale of all Networking Securities Products, i.e., CCTV Surveillance, Door Access Controller, Antivirus, Firewall, anti-spyware, etc.
5. Microsoft Licensing for Server and Client.
6. All types of Engineering Software.

1. Computer AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) for Desktop PCs, l printers, scanners, and laptops.
2. AMC for all types of servers
3. Desktop Motherboard Chip-level servicing
4. Laptops Chip-level servicing

1. Computer Networking
2. LAN Networking Solutions
3. IT & Cabling Infrastructure Services
4. Structure cabling
5. Wireless Networking

Data Security Solutions:
BCS provides an end-to-end security capability. We cater to the protection of information from unauthorized or accidental modification, destruction and disclosure, Safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Data, Ensuring the possession, authenticity and utility of data.

• Anti-virus
• Anti-spam
• Intrusion Detection and Prevention
• Unified Threat Management
• Firewalls
• Encryption/ Decryption
• Patch Management Systems
• Virtual Private Network (VPN)

a. VPN Site-to-site/Server-to-server
   • Connect headquarters and branch office networks securely.
   • Limitless number of connections for creating a virtual WAN.
   • Share and access vital resources securely over the Internet.
b. VPN Client (Client to server)
c. Connect to network printers, servers, and shared files from home, the hotel, or coffee shop.
d. Use your network login for VPN authentication. (Active Directory integration required).
e. Use on Windows or Linux.